What Facilities Can You Have In A Garden Space

Your garden is far more than just plants and flowers. It’s an entire outdoor living space waiting to be transformed into something extraordinary. 

I have helped many people build their dream garden space as it is a passion of mine. And they were all happy after incorporating one of these facilities. 

Read on to learn what are the things you can add to your garden space to elevate your ordinary garden into something truly special.

Garden Buildings with Electrics

I highly recommend having electricity in your garden building as it opens up so many exciting possibilities! Your garden building transforms into a haven of comfort and convenience with the addition of electricity, day or night. 

Let’s look at some of the most common electrical elements you can use in your garden space.

  1. Lighting – Consider installing recessed ceiling lights or track lighting to illuminate the entire area for various activities. For added cosiness, wall sconces or lamps offer ambient lighting, while outdoor-rated string lights or lanterns infuse warmth into the atmosphere. To enhance convenience and security, motion sensor lights are a practical addition.
  2. Power Outlets – You’ll want plenty of outlets to run all your electronics and appliances like TVs, sound systems, mini-fridges, fans and heaters. Look for outlets with USB ports built-in to keep devices charged. And if you’ll have outdoor areas, install waterproof outlets rated for that exposure.
  3. Heating and Cooling – Consider putting in appropriate heating and cooling systems to guarantee that your garden building may be enjoyed all year round. Electric space heaters and infrared heaters provide pleasant warmth in the winter, while ceiling fans and portable air conditioners keep you cool in the summer. Installing in-wall or free-standing electric fireplaces can provide additional ambiance and heat.
  4. Other Electrical Needs – Don’t forget to plan for other electrical needs based on how you’ll use the space. You may want phone/internet lines for connectivity.  A security system provides peace of mind. Or automated lighting, A/V and climate controls for the ultimate luxury and convenience.

Your garden building can truly become an extension of your home’s living space with the right electrical plan tailored to your lifestyle. Just let the electrician know your vision!

Garden Buildings with Plumbing

Putting plumbing in your garden building lets you add cool stuff that makes it super useful. With a few plumbing things, your garden building becomes a really handy outdoor spot.

A sink is often one of the first plumbing elements I suggest to people. Having a sink with running water gives you a dedicated washing and prep area right there in your garden building. You can wash your hands, fruits and veggies, do some light cooking or cleaning – all without going inside.

For the ultimate in luxury, consider installing a water heater as well, especially in this country. Your possibilities expand even further with hot water on demand. You could have a toasty outdoor shower, a makeshift kitchen area, or hook up other hot water appliances.

Other common plumbing installations you might want to include:

  • Dishwasher for easy clean-up
  • Refrigerator with water/ice dispenser
  • Wet bar with sink and mini-fridge
  • Compact washing machine for light laundry

No matter which plumbing elements you choose, the professionals will need to properly connect drainage lines to divert wastewater. But it’s a small inconvenience for the incredible convenience and luxury of running water right there in your garden oasis!

Garden Building with Toilet and Bathroom

Having a toilet and even a full bathroom in your garden building is the ultimate outdoor luxury. You can choose to only have a toilet or bathroom but I would suggest having both. It makes the space much more comfortable and useful. You won’t need to rush inside when you need to go. 

Cost of Garden Building with Shower and Toilet

This fancy combo of shower and toilet won’t be cheap, I’ll tell you upfront. However, for many people, it’s a worthwhile investment! The costs depend on how big it is, what it’s made of, what fixtures it has, and how much work it takes. As a rough estimation, you might be looking at €8,000 to €30,000 for a nice setup. 

But think about how much more your home will be worth and how much you’ll enjoy it!

Putting a shower and toilet in your garden building is one of the most expensive upgrades, but it’s also one of the fanciest. There are few factors that influence how much it costs:

  • Materials: The stuff you use for the shower, toilet, and the room itself affects the cost a lot. Basic things like plastic walls, a regular toilet, and a pre-made shower are cheaper. But if you want fancier stuff like tile, stone, glass walls, and nice fixtures, it’ll cost more.
  • Size: A bigger shower or a separate room for the toilet costs more than a small, combined bathroom. Making your garden building bigger to fit the bathroom also adds to the costs.
  • Plumbing: Putting in new pipes for the toilet, shower, and drain can be expensive, especially if you have to dig through concrete or other hard materials. Moving pipes from somewhere else to the garden building costs even more.
  • Work: Paying plumbers and workers who know what they’re doing to set up and finish the bathroom is a big part of the cost. The fancier and more special the design, the more the work costs.

Even though it costs more and is more complicated than a basic garden building, having a toilet and a place to bathe just outside your door gives you amazing convenience and feels like being at a fancy resort in your own backyard.

Garden Building with Storage

One great thing about built-in storage is that it gives you space to neatly put away everything you need in your garden building. No more carrying stuff back and forth or leaving it lying around. With special places to keep things, everything stays tidy right there in the room.

Cabinets or shelves on the walls give you open storage for things you use a lot. They’re perfect for keeping gardening tools, outdoor games, or a small collection of books handy.

If you need to hide away bigger or messier stuff, closets with doors keep things out of sight. You can put cushions, umbrellas, or grilling gear inside when you’re not using them and keep your garden building looking neat.

Other popular storage ideas for garden buildings include:

  • Cubbies under benches for storage
  • Corner cabinets that use space that’s usually wasted
  • Pegboards on the wall for hanging things
  • Boxes or chests for keeping textiles safe
  • Storage up high in a loft area

The important thing is to work with someone who can design and build storage that fits your garden building perfectly. You’ll enjoy using your outdoor space even more with smart storage that’s easy to get to.

Garden Building with Kitchenette

Adding a small kitchenette makes your garden building even more versatile and convenient. It gives you a dedicated food prep and wet service area right in your outdoor living space. You’ll want some counter space for preparing food. It could be a simple narrow counter or a whole kitchen counter.

From there, you can add other convenient kitchen amenities to meet your needs:

  • Mini-fridge or beverage cooler for cold drinks and perishables
  • Small electric cooktop or grill for heating and cooking
  • Low-profile microwave for quick reheats
  • Wine fridge or ice maker for entertainers

With a compact kitchenette, you can whip up bites and mingle with a drink in hand- all while maximising your time spent in your garden oasis. It’s an amenity that elevates outdoor living.

Final Words

The options for setting up your garden area are almost limitless. From simple lighting and electricity to luxurious full bathrooms and kitchens, there’s something for every taste and budget.

Feel free to dream big with your plans! Creating the perfect outdoor living space is an investment that pays off in many ways. Just think about how much more you’ll enjoy and use your garden area with all the right features.

The key is to think about what you really want and need for the space. Planning carefully makes a big difference. And make sure to hire skilled, licensed professionals to bring your vision to life safely and correctly. It’s worth investing in doing things right from the beginning.