8 Great Uses For Garden Buildings

Garden buildings offer a variety of practical and enjoyable uses. So if you have an unused space in your backyard, consider transforming it into a functional and versatile garden room! 

I have been using a garden room for years now so it’s a good time to share with you the top “great uses for garden building” and how you can unleash their potential to enhance your lifestyle thanks to their array of features.

Let’s start with the first one I built a few years ago.

Garden Building as Home Offices

I heard that a garden room serves as an excellent home office so I tried it in my first home back when I was in the countryside. It provided me a separate and focused environment for my work-related tasks.

This separation can help you maintain a better work-life balance by creating a physical boundary between your professional and personal environments. Just like I did.

So when setting up a home office in your garden room, consider the following tips:

  1. Choose ergonomic furniture like an adjustable desk and comfortable chair to prevent discomfort and strain during long work hours. Investing in quality furniture can improve your posture and overall well-being.
  1. Prioritize lighting by positioning your desk near windows or installing skylights to enjoy natural light, which can boost your mood and energy levels. Complement natural light with adequate task lighting, such as desk lamps or overhead fixtures, to reduce eye strain.
  1. Create a dedicated meeting area or backdrop for video conferences or client meetings to maintain a professional appearance. A clean, uncluttered background can enhance your professional image during virtual interactions.
  1. Use sound-absorbing materials, such as curtains or rugs to minimize external noise and distractions from the main house or outdoor surroundings.
  1. Set up a comfortable seating area for breaks or informal meetings allowing you to step away from your desk and recharge.

I made mistakes before because no one taught me about these things so make sure you take note of them.

Garden Building as Gyms

Now this type of garden room is really helpful when no gym is available nearby. Creating a garden room as a gym will  offer you a private and convenient space for workouts and fitness activities. Having a gym at home also helps you stick to your workout routine without any excuses. 

How do you make it happen? Here’s how to make a garden room into a gym:

  1. Assess Space and Requirements: Evaluate the size and layout of your garden room to determine how much space you have available for gym equipment and activities. Consider your fitness goals and the types of exercises you enjoy to plan accordingly.
  1. Plan Equipment Placement: Sketch out a layout for your gym, considering factors such as traffic flow, accessibility, and safety. Allocate space for cardio machines, weightlifting equipment, stretching areas, and storage for accessories like mats and resistance bands.
  1. Select Gym Equipment: Choose gym equipment that aligns with your fitness goals and available space. Options may include treadmills, stationary bikes, elliptical trainers, weight benches, free weights, kettlebells, and yoga props. Opt for versatile equipment that will allow you for a variety of exercises.
  1. Create a Comfortable Environment: Ensure your garden gym is well-ventilated and properly insulated for year-round use. Consider installing fans, windows, or a portable air conditioner for temperature control. Use durable and easy-to-clean flooring, such as rubber mats or interlocking foam tiles, to protect the floor and provide cushioning.
  1. Add Motivational Elements: Decorate your garden gym with motivational posters, artwork, or quotes that inspire you to stay active and committed to your fitness journey. Personalize the space with elements that reflect your interests and goals, creating a positive and uplifting atmosphere.
  1. Consider Entertainment Options: Install a sound system, TV, or speakers to enjoy music, podcasts, or workout videos while exercising. Create a playlist or select your favorite fitness apps to keep you motivated and engaged during workouts.
  1. Create a Functional Layout: Arrange gym equipment and exercise stations to optimize space and flow. Allow for adequate clearance around equipment to prevent accidents and ensure safety during workouts. Consider the placement of mirrors for monitoring form and technique during exercises.
  2. Personalize and Enjoy: Make your garden gym a reflection of your personality and fitness journey. Experiment with different layouts, equipment arrangements, and decor until you find what works best for you. Finally, enjoy your dedicated gym space and make the most of your workouts in the comfort of your own backyard.

I personally did not build this one because I have a gym membership but a friend of mine did. I promise you, it is worth it based on what I have observed.

Garden Buildings as Art Studios

If you are an artist like a painter or photographer, you need this one. It will give you a quiet and inspiring space away from busy daily life.  The calm and beauty of nature around you can inspire your art and help you express yourself.

I myself built a garden room as a studio for my few projects on marketing. I am not really an artist but the quiet environment gave me more concentration to do my work.

Just a little tip on lighting. When setting up your art studio, natural light is best for art because it shows colors and textures accurately. Make sure your studio has big windows or skylights for lots of natural light.

Garden Buildings as Yoga Studios

Yoga is not just a physical activity, but also a mental and spiritual experience. I have seen many yoga instructors who build garden building as yoga studios. One thing they always say is that, having your own yoga studio at the comfort of your backyard will save you money because you don’t need to rent.

If you want to consider building one, these tips will help you.:

  1. Choose a flooring material that provides cushioning and traction, such as wood or specialized yoga mats, to ensure a safe and comfortable practice.
  2. Install adjustable lighting options, such as dimmable lamps or candles, to create a warm and soothing ambiance during your practice.
  3. Include a dedicated space for storing and organizing your yoga props, such as mats, blocks, straps, and bolsters, to ensure easy access and a clutter-free environment.
  4. Set up a sound system or speakers to enjoy calming music or guided meditations during your practice.
  5. Personalize the space with inspiring artwork, crystals, or other meaningful decor that 

resonates with your spiritual practice.

Garden Buildings as Guest Rooms

If you often have family or friends staying overnight, a garden room can be a perfect guest accommodation. It gives your guests privacy and independence, separate from your main house.

I have suggested this to my parents as me and my siblings often visit them at weekends. My father built one but sadly, it is not enough to accommodate us all. So he rebuilt and expanded it. Here is what I learned.

When setting up your garden room guest space, make sure you estimate how many people will stay there often. Make sure  it feels cozy and welcoming. You can use comfortable bedding to achieve the vibe.

Provide storage for your visitors and add extras like a small seating area or a mini-fridge. 

Also, consider including a private bathroom. I know this may cost you extra but this will not only make people comfortable but also secure their privacy.

Garden Buildings as Playrooms

If you have young children, a garden room can become an exciting and safe playroom. I have two kids and this is the best garden room I ever built. Trust me, your kids will love you more! 

When designing your garden room playroom, make different play areas for different ages and interests. Create a spot for reading, a place for crafts, or an area for active play with climbing frames or ball pits. Use bright colors, fun patterns, and playful decorations to make the room feel welcoming and magical for kids.

Other Tips for the Perfect Playroom:

  1. Use soft flooring, such as mats or foam tiles, to keep children secure and comfortable. 
  1. Have a chalkboard or whiteboard for drawing and learning. You never know when your kids would be interested in writing.
  1. Add soft play things like a ball pit or play tent. Young children love imaginative play. 
  1. Set up a dress-up area with costumes and a mirror for pretend play. This part is loved by young girls but boys like it too.

Garden Buildings as Man Caves

I have friends who built a garden room as a man cave. They say this garden room  is perfect for those who want to enjoy their hobbies and relax.

As I observed, most of them added a home theater for movies. I would suggest putting in a gaming area with comfy seats and a bar. It’s a good area when you hang out with your  friends. 

Use masculine design elements like dark wood and leather. This will give the cave a more manly vibe.

Consider adding fun extras like a mini-fridge, a pool table, or a dartboard too.  It will make your man cave even more enjoyable.

Garden Buildings as She Sheds

Just like men have their man caves, women deserve their own special retreats – the “she shed.” A garden room can become a feminine, cozy and inviting space if you tailor it to a woman’s interests and self-care routines. 

Focus on creating a welcoming atmosphere that promotes relaxation and rejuvenation when designing your she shed. Use comfortable seating, soothing colors, and personal touches that reflect your unique style and interests.

Consider adding amenities like a reading nook, a crafting area, or a space for meditation too. This will add a warm atmosphere to your space.

Final Thoughts 

Garden buildings offer endless possibilities and it’s so satisfying when you build one. Creating spaces that match your lifestyle would make you feel like you are expressing your personality in different shapes and forms. 

So take the chance to unlock your outdoor space’s potential and turn it into a haven for your hobbies and passions. You can create a space that truly enriches your daily life with careful planning and creativity.